Training course materials for management training, development and assessment.

If you are a Trainer working with groups, our range of programmes and material will be suitable for you.

We aim to produce products that:

    Increase your training effectiveness
    Save you hours of preparation time
    Give your a green image
    Reinforce your competitive edge
    Help your group learn faster

Our range covers management skills, with our Complete Courses series, Transactional Analysis, phone skills, sales and job interview role plays, team building with our behaviour analysis programme and assessment with the WashBox Management Simulation.

Over the past 12 years we have been developing these unique and advanced computer based materials and instruments for Trainers and Assessors.

All of our up-front programmes are designed to work in dual screen mode. This is quick to set up and means you can control slides and video from you laptop screen. We produced the first dual screen programme in 1995 (selling skills role play), so we have unique experience in this area.

We should stress that we also do our best to make our training materials and resources easy to use as well! The laptop has now become an essential training tool, although possibly not always used to full effect!

You don't have to buy anything! You can even get a free copy of the Virtual Flip Chart, so that you can see how our dual screen programmes work . If you are looking for course material you can also request a free copy of "Managing Projects".

All our products are VAT free!

Team Building and Group Assessment

Providing accurate behaviour feedback to groups can sometimes be difficult when working in a facilitating role. This is now easily possible using Team watcher

If you are using "tick sheets" for behaviour recording, our programme will save you a lot of time. Team Watcher records individual behaviours and contribution times. It enables you to use your own 12 item behaviour set to record behaviours in a group up of up to 8 people. In simpler format, you can record unlimited numbers of people.

Observe a group in action and show them a graph of how they behaved and how much they contributed or not. The system also records the time people were talking too.

This programme can also be used to record behaviour in role plays.


Transactional Analysis

There has been a recent increase of interest in Transactional Analysis (TA) in training situations. We are able to provide audio material, Power Point slides and a very learner comprehensive handout. transactional analysisThis can all be incorporated into your own material without any preparation.

This is a very fast way to introduce Transactional analysis to your groups. In addition, a dual screen option enables you to plot live transactions.


Complete Courses

We have now developed the sixth of our dual screen programmes for Trainers. This means that if you use a laptop in a training session, you will be able to view all your course notes on your laptop, but run slides, video or audio, separately on the data projector screen. complete courses >This brings in a whole new dimension to using computers in live training sessions. And you save all that preparation time and paper - just get on and train...... More...

Selling Skills - video role play

Sales Creator is a unique electronic role play for selling skills training, where you decide on which video clip to run on a data projector.Sales Creator

Featuring responses from a buyer in a business to business situation, these are displayed using either dual or single screen formats, with you having the full interview script running on a laptop. Only the video shows on the data projector.

Features 50 minutes of video in 240 clips, with 90 objections and buying signals. Slides/Power Point material also included.


Job Interview questions -  Video role plays

"Tell me....."  is  a new dual screen role play covering the job interview. job interview role play

It gives you access to 400 interview questions (adults or graduates) in video, for display on a data projector screen. This can be used with groups or with a single screen option, for 1:1 interview coaching.

Simple to use with, full question listing available both on-screen, or in printable format.

A 128 question School Leaver version is also available.


WashBox Management Simulation

This is a unique and realistic management simulation based on a virtual company. It is designed for management assessment and development and covers all aspects of company operations.washbox management simulation

It is available in PC, web or paper formats. It can be customised to meet your needs too.

The simulation runs for 1 or 2 hours (2 versions available) and gives access to all relevant company information such as sales figures, customer database, employee handbook, product specifications etc. Mail, Voice mail and Emails are, of course, included.

The longer PC version includes a review programme based on the MSC competency set.

Full details are available on a separate web site.


Phone Master

This is a a phone clip library with 450 items available to fit into your course. phone skills
It was produced with older software so will only run at 800x 600 screen size, but it even works with Vista. We have therefore given it a horrendously affordable price.

Warning - contains swearing! Get a free copy! 


The Virtual Flip Chart

This is the quickest way to get green credentials! Keep a copy on your laptop in case your run out of paper, or can't find the pens. the virtual flip chart

Uses dual screen display with choice of two chart formats, with 10 pages in each. Can be used in any meeting.

You can save chart contributions for further use. A highlighting/drawing function is also included.

A complete free copy is available for downloading now.


The Perfect Presenter

Never forget a word! perfect presenter autocue

This is a simple on-screen prompt system that will work with one, or even two screens.

Just prepare your presentation in text format and load it into the programme.


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