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WashBox - 2 hour Management Simulation

WashBox - 2 hour Management Simulation

Designed to assess management skills against the MSC competency set, this is a 2 hour PC based simulation set around a virtual manufacturing company based "somewhere in the Midlands". The aim of this programme was to present, as far as possible, a realistic scenario for a General Manager.

The simulation includes, emails, mail, voicemail, 60 day diary, Power Point templates and extensive company information. Some of the items which are included in the latter are: Company report, financial data, standard times, policies, employee handbook, product details, specifications, personnel profiles and much more. All dates are set from time of use.

A Review programme enables a report to be generated. The package includes a 126 page user Manual and the programme also has on-line help.

The programme licence covers unrestricted single company use with an annual update available after the first 12 months. The programme comes with 20 user briefing bookets. Additional booklets are available separately.

Training can be given for all purchasers on an expense plus basis.

The simulation can be used by Trainers, Assessors, Colleges and Universities.

Works with Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7

You can view the complete programe by requesting a web based demonstration. You will need a broadband connection and a phone for this. Please ring to arrange time for this: Tel - 01953 883 953

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Dual Screen Video Role Play Materials

The Training Store |  Dual Screen Video Role Play Materials

Sales Creator - Sales Vide Role play

Sales Creator - Sales Vide Role play

Price: 35.00


Unique and powerful video role play system for use by experienced Sales Trainers, on a CD. Bring a customer into your course!

Now available as a single or dual screen version.

Features responses for all stages of a sales call from a Purchasing Manager. Designed to work with a video projector, easy-to-use clean screen gives access to 240 video responses ( 50 minutes of video). Also includes 24 slides, 54 page printable Trainer's Manual, "quick" guides to video, possible Sales Person questions matched to responses and Sales Qualification Board Check list.

Covers a sales call from Opening to Closing. Includes 94 objections and buying signals.

The single screen has been designed to be easy to use without being a distraction. Most of the text and buttons can also be hidden.

The dual control screen gives you access to all video clip scripts as well as bult-in slides. You can also run your own Power Point slides from the same screen. If you have a recently produced laptop and you use a data projector you should be able to run this this programme.

Runs on PC/Laptop with Windows XP/ Vista/Windows 7,8

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Job Interview - School Leaver - Video Role Play

Job Interview - School Leaver - Video Role Play

Price: 35.00


Increase the effectiveness of your job interview skills training for School Leavers with our video role play programme.

Working off a laptop with a data projector, you can simulate a job interview by quickly selecting any one of 128 questions. You can use these for working through how people should respond to these questions, or use them for practice and coaching. We developed our first dual screen role play in 1995 and can vouch for the effectiveness of getting people to immediately respond to a question on the screen, without all the issues of live role plays.

Control Screen
This contains all the questionsin a scrolling panel. Just clickto display a question. You canalso build up your own list of question numbers for lateruse.

When not used in dual screen
mode you can view questions
using a preview screen.

Video Screen
This is shown on a data
projector. The screen can
also automatically show
the next respondent’s
name if required.

Single Screen Mode

For 1:1 coaching sessions you can use a single screen, picking the questions
using a number selector. We supply a printable question list for this purpose.
Features are:
1. Return to Menu
2. Change sound volume
3. Question selector
4. Help
The Questions 128 - covering --

Company and the job
Work Experience


A small number of questions are unfair/discriminatory/illegal, or simply need a better
response e.g. closed questions. They are marked in the script, but not all interviewers
are angels!


Screens - Dual, Single, Preview
Question list - 128
Target - School, college,further education leavers
Immediate question repeat, via key press
Store own list of question numbers
Randomly display next respondent name on video screen
Instructions for setting up dual screen operation
Fully supported

Tell me..." will run directly from the CD, or you can install it onto a hard drive directly from the programme.
It will run on Windows XP, Vista,7,8, operating systems.


Job Interview - Video Role Play  - Adults and Graduates  - Video Role Play

Job Interview - Video Role Play - Adults and Graduates - Video Role Play

Price: 35.00


Increase the effectiveness of your job interview skills training with our video role play programme

Tell me...." is a job interview role play designed to be run from a laptop, or PC, with a data projector. It is aimed to increase the learning speed of people wanting to improve their interview skills and to therefore increase their chances of employment.

It is suitable for helping anyone who is looking for:

- Their first job. e.g. Graduates

- Another job - currently employed or redundant

Typical users will be outplacment consultancies, career advice organisations, universities, colleges and schools.

It allows the tutor to instantly select from a range of 400 questions.

It also aims to eliminate all the pitfalls of live role plays, which need very experienced trainers and role players to work effectively. Live role plays are also time consuming to set up.

It should be stressed that while a good CV will get an interview, it will not normally get anyone a job. Hence the importance of sound preparation for this vital interview in a realistic way.

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